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What’s So Special About Kopi Luwak?
Kopi luwak has become famous for several reasons aside form its price & exoticity . Some of these reasons include its excellent taste,
aroma and health benefits. Some of these characteristics are common to all fermented coffees, whereas others are unique to kopi
Taste of civet coffee:
Kopi luwak is less bitter than regular coffees, and it’s been described by professional cuppers as earthy, syrupy, smooth, and rich with
chocolate and jungle undertones.
Health benefits of civet coffee:
These include higher levels of inositol (which improves the effects of neurotransmitters, fights polycystic ovarian syndrome, combats
depression and more), higher levels of citric acid (which avoids kidney stones, osteoporosis and more) and higher levels of malic acid
(which boosts your energy).Half the caffeine of other coffees, which gives you plenty of energy without the caffeine crash
Far fewer tannins, making civet coffee much healthier for your teeth
Less likely to produce coffee heartburn
Civet coffee is delicious no matter how you drink it.Civet coffee is delicious no matter how you drink it.
Some people find the idea of brewing civet coffee too exotic (let alone drinking it) but before you think about passing on kopi luwak,
consider these important facts:
Fact #1: Every coffee in the world undergoes some kind of fermentation before it reaches your cup. The only difference with civet
coffee is that this fermentation process occurs inside the civet’s belly.
Fact #2: Pure Kopi Luwak beans are thoroughly washed multiple times, and the roasting process kills or destroys any possible
pathogens (harmful substances or bacteria) that might have escaped the washing, making civet coffee perfectly safe to drink. Indonesians
have been drinking kopi luwak for centuries—and loving every cup!
Fact #3: Putting your imagination aside, civet coffee doesn’t taste “strange” or “off.” It still tastes like coffee only sweeter and, according
to most people who try it, better.
There’s a reason why people all over the world are willing to pay more for civet coffee—trying kopi luwak at least once in a lifetime
should be on any coffee lover’s bucket list. Try Pure today.



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